3D dial indicator stands with unsurpassed stability, modular concentrity gages and other professional accessories for measuring, setting up and testing

Highest precision with many types of premium articulated arm stands, modular runout measuring instruments and a comprehensive range of accessories for both ranges make the measuring systems program from dk unique. Includes standard dial indicators, fine dial gauges, test indicators, angles and prisms from one professional supplier.

Product advantages at a glance


Measuring instruments and accessories


Dial gauge stands

Progressive clamping dial gauge stand for simple positioning with maximum stability. Mechanical locking with a central clamping screw for durably high clamping forces.

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Articulated arm stands / Clamping joints


Play-free, highly stable mechanical central lock for use within and without the bounds of production machines i.e. can also be used for tool adjustment.

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Concentricity gauges

Robust concentricity gauges for precise and quick testing of various dimensions such as concentricity, perpendicularity or runout.

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Dial gauge stand

The entire system and the components of the dk FIXIERSYSTEME dial gauge stand program enables measurements in the µ range. They can be flexibly used outside and inside the production machines e.g. by setting up the tooling and for measuring the machined part.

All linkages can be easily and quickly positioned by hand using the central locking screw. The various versions of the patented, play-free dial gauge bracket guarantee highest precision up to a positioning accuracy in the µ range. The flexible cover offers optimal protection for the linkage balls from dirt and dust. Constantly high retaining forces are made possible with the magnet that has an on/off switch

The basic dial gauge stand program can be found in the dk catalogue.

Articulated arm stand/Clamping joint

dk offers play-free, highly stable, mechanical central clamping for use with measurement fixating systems and production, tool setup and inspection processes. These can be found in the overall system and components of the articulated arm stand program.

These mechanically progressive functioning articulated stands are ideal for positioning entirely different clamping and fixating elements in absolutely any position and so are optimal for measuring, testing, labelling or handling tasks:

Concentricity gauges

Precise and quick testing of many different dimensions, such as total runout, coaxiality or circular runout can be carried out with the concentricity gauges from dk. The flexible design enables them to be used for various applications by combining with different additional components. As the concentricity gauges are so robust they can be used in metrology rooms or on the shop floor.

Rest: ø 1 – 32 mm, rest length 10 – 220 mm, dimensions 300 mm x 120 mm 200 mm

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dk offers even more measuring technology solutions!

You can find all our other products as well as product information in our catalogue.

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dk FIXIERSYSTEME is a specialist provider of modular clamping systems for measuring technology. The focus is on the professional fixturing of workpieces to inspection tables. Learn more.

dk FIXIERSYSTEME is a specialist provider of modular clamping systems for measuring technology. The focus is on the professional fixturing of workpieces to inspection tables. Learn more.

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