Airbase system

A fixture system that has the Airbase pneumatic foot. The Airbase pneumatic foot acts as the basic element for attaching fixtures to smooth surfaces that have no connection holes or slots. Airbase is held in place by a created vacuum.


Basic elements

Main elements used as basis for constructing clamping fixtures. These can include base plates or quick-action clamps in the SPANNFIX system or toothed rails in the SCHIENENFIX system.


Clamping elements

Fixture components for holding the workpieces being inspected. These include e.g. vices, spring fingers or magnetic supports.


A clamp for holding workpieces. The C-clamp consists of a fixed and a movable clamping arm. A threaded spindle is used for fine adjustments and fixation.


Dial indicator

A dial indicator is structural lateral measuring device. It can be mechanical or digital. The mechanical variety works by a spring loaded pin moving in and out of the main body, this lateral movement is converted to radial movement by a set of fine gear wheels. This radial movement is then displayed on the indicator face (dial) by one or two revolving needles. The digital version has the same spring loaded pin, but the lateral movement is converted to digital values which are then shown in the indicator display.

Dividing head

A device for holding workpieces and rotating them with repetitive accuracy through precise angular dimensions.


Fixed clamping fixtures

Clamping fixtures that do not consist of modular elements but that were produced part specific for a project. These are usually special clamping devices.


Hard-coated aluminium

Aluminium with a hard anodised coating of ca. 50 µm. This provides the aluminium surface with optimum protection against wear.


Influencing variable

A variable which is not the object of the measurement but that nevertheless influences the resulting value.


Measuring range

Describes a sensor’s range in which the size object to be measured must be in order that the measurements can be fully completed.

Measurement accuracy

Defines the maximum deviation of a displayed measured value in relation to the actual value.

Measuring equipment

A measuring tool which determines the numerical value of a physical size which is being measured.

Measuring force

In measuring technology, measuring force is defined as the force which is exerted during each measurement by the measuring device or the measuring equipment on the object which is being measured.

Measurement value

Value associated with measurement dimensions and which is clearly assigned to what is displayed on a measuring device.


Clamping elements for micro parts from 0.3 mm to 10 mm. The clamping forces are adjustable to allow the workpieces to be held gently or firmly.

Modular clamping elements

Fixture components possessing the same interface allowing them to assembled as building blocks to form a complete fixture.


Multi-sensor measuring technology makes use of the advantages of several probes. With optical and tactile probes, a component can be measured as completely as possible.


Clamping fixture with glass plate. The workpieces are clamped using a spring thrust clamp against an acrylic stop.


Needle supports

Clamping element meant to hold complex workpieces with free-form surfaces. The spring-loaded needles adapt to the workpiece contours. The needles are the support elements, the workpiece is held in place with a spring clamp.


See needle supports


Optimized throughput times

siehe Optimized throughput times.



Modular clamping system for tactile measurement. The fixture components are constructed from standard cuboid elements. The cuboid elements have all round grid holes with 25 mm pitch. Compatible with the SPANNFIX system.



The smallest difference between two measurement values which can be clearly detected by a device.


The ability to accurately repeat a certain set of values and/or dimensions i.e. a certain set-up on a machine can be indefinitely reproduced.


See reproduceability.


Structural elements

Fixture components which are mounted onto the basic elements. The structural elements can be the support and the stops for the workpieces to be measured or act as a base for mounting further clamping elements.

Spring finger

Clamping element with a sprung shim strip (finger) or, in some cases a spring wire. One end of the spring finger is placed on the workpiece allowing the spring effect to gently hold it in place. The other end of the finger is held in a column support.

Small-parts clamp

A clamping element similar to tweezers which is used to mount small parts in a fixed and a movable jaw.


Modular clamping system for optical or optical/tactile measurement. Toothed rails function as workpiece stops or for mounting clamping modules. Suitable for reflected and transmitted light. Compatible with the SPANNFIX system.


Modular clamping system for tactile measurements. The basics are base plates or quick-change supports. Structural and clamping elements form the additional construction components.


Special clamping fixtures matched to one specific product. Essentially, customer-specific parts are manufactured to suit, modular elements are only used to lesser extent or not at all.

SWA 39

Interface designation in the dk clamping system. A 39 mm wide dovetail slide with locking screw. Tool-free clamping, the locking screw has a knurled knob.


Interface designation in the dk clamping system. A Ø5 mm or Ø8 mm pin/hole connection. A stud is used to clamp.


Interface designation in the dk clamping system. An Ø8 mm pin/hole connection. A stud is used to clamp.



A piece of equipment, normally coming in pairs for holding workpieces, primarily turned parts. Workpieces are normally held between centres which are positioned in centre bores in the end faces. If the workpiece has no centre bores, hollow cup centres can be used to hold the workpiece OD.


dk FIXIERSYSTEME is a specialist provider of modular clamping systems for measuring technology. The focus is on the professional fixturing of workpieces to inspection tables. Learn more.

dk FIXIERSYSTEME is a specialist provider of modular clamping systems for measuring technology. The focus is on the professional fixturing of workpieces to inspection tables. Learn more.

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