3D articulated arms for Machine Vision

Five programmes for unlimited 3D variable, rapid and precise alignment. Perfect hold, lasting stability and problemfree dismantling and re-alignment.

Machine Vision Anwendung Gelenksysteme

Actually, many years ago we did not develop this mounting programme for Machine Vision, image
processing and sensor technology specifically for this purpose. But more and more customers have
been using our existing metrology products for a completely different purpose: with outstandingly
positive results in terms of functionality, utility and costs!
We have taken up this impulse and set ourselves the goal of creating the best solution for the
mounting and positioning of cameras, sensors, lighting, end-of-arm robotic tools and much more. Meanwhile, five stand programmes form the solid basis for this.


 Application examples


Tool-free, one-handed operation for easy, secure fixation that can be altered as often as required leads to a permanent hold
– just like a firmly welded appliance base!



 Construction & adjustment possibilities


Every product line of the dk articulated stands can be simply, quickly, flexibly and precisely adjusted as well as rigidly and play-free fixated. All programmes are equipped with our proven, ergonomic star grip as standard. As an option, we can supply the clamping joints with an indexible clamping lever, which not only enables maximum clamping force with less effort, but can also be “parked” in any position where space is limited.


Construction of the 3D clamping joint



Mounting accessories

Fasteners for Machine Vision in the automation and AI sectors.

Base / Fastening elements

3D Clamping joints

Camera / Sensor / Light holder and device plate


 Stand programmes



TurnStopLine as the high-end variant of the VarioLine series is characterised by two technical highlights: the positive locking of the central joint by means of a pair of fine locking washers and the consequently further enlarged base ball of the large clamping joint. This absolutely rigid fixation is necessary where dirt or lubricants can reduce frictional contacts in automation environments. Special applications such as the reliable long-term fixation of vision or sensor elements also require this technology. TurnStopLine is absolutely perfect for highest requirements in the field of Machine Vision.


A progressive clamping principle and extra large ball joints on sturdy articulated arms characterise this high-end programme. VarioLine is the programme for the demanding fixation of cameras and sensors that must remain perfectly aligned over a long period of time. Due to the tool-free one-hand operation, cameras can be aligned extremely easily and quickly and, after the central clamping grip is tightened, are absolutely secure. Due to the variable action radius from zero to a nominal dimension, a VarioLine arm replaces entire programmes of conventional products. Simple project planning and investment security through maximum re-usability are the result.


Generously dimensioned articulated arms combined with precise ball joints and central clamping technology proven over many years for backlash-free clamping and flexible positioning. Four sizes from an action radius of 100 to 290 mm form the programme for the simpler Machine Vision tasks, such as holding lighting elements.


Solid ball joint, and strong, long steel arms for applications with particularly large action radii complete the dk segment of 3D clamping joints for high-end industrial standard. This enables e.g. cameras to be positioned in completely inaccessible places that are up to 1,000 mm away from the next solid mounting point on a machine. ChromLine fulfils holding tasks that have overlong projections reliably, quickly and play-free. The individually adjustable pretensioning greatly facilitates installation.

INOX HygienicLine

The 3D clamping joints for high-tech industries are designed for clean zones and sterile rooms with the categories “rustproof” and “steam sterilisable”. Materiality, technology and design are conceived down to the last detail so that this product line achieves qualifications even for the most sensitive industrial sectors. The characteristic mode of operation is retained: simple, fast and secure fixation with a central clamping unit for perfect positioning, alignment and holding. HygienicLine is used where chemical and microbiological resistance is a prerequisite.




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dk FIXIERSYSTEME is a specialist provider of modular clamping systems for measuring technology. The focus is on the professional fixturing of workpieces to inspection tables. Learn more.

dk FIXIERSYSTEME is a specialist provider of modular clamping systems for measuring technology. The focus is on the professional fixturing of workpieces to inspection tables. Learn more.

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